Solo exhibition at the Synergy Gallery Melbourne, Australia

Since the early 1990s, my work has evolved from experimental video and installations which challenged standard conventions about narrative television to my current focus of painting and photography which reflects the multitude of environments I experience.

I’ve always been a wilderness enthusiast, but I’m equally at home in the deep urban setting. My experiences in these diametrically opposed environments are often brought together and reflected in my work as an artist.

This current series of paintings are a modernistic interpretation of the Arizona Sonoran Desert. My goal is to convey the vibrant colors and angular landscapes as rich textures and shapes that pop off the canvas.

I love to break the rules of traditional landscape painting by using fluorescent paints, unnatural hues and striking juxtapositions. One unique element is the use of leading lines and continuation of shapes which weave in and out of the background. This is intended to shift the viewer’s focus in and out of the mountains and lead the eye on a path through the painting. This is very much the experience I have in the wilderness when I scan a distant mountain range, following the ridgeline down to the intersection of another ridgeline.

This series is intended to reflect my love of the Sonoran wilderness and provide a joyous splash of color and uplifting mood to the environment it’s displayed in! I paint on a consignment basis and each piece is made in the dimensions and color palette for the space that will be its eventual home.

Please contact me if you’re interested in a custom-made painting.