Mindfulness is a form of meditation known as “clear mind”, which promotes grounding and clarity. It is about quieting your mind and being in the moment. You can be mindful anywhere, anytime by becoming conscious of the mental chatter in your head and stepping back from it to fully appreciate, without judgment, the world around you.

This collection of landscapes for mindfulness, or “Mindscapes” may be useful in this endeavor. Take a few minutes break in your day to tune into one of the videos below.

In the same way, try completely tuning into your environment. Look around you. It may be familiar, but study it with fresh eyes. While you direct your senses outwards, acknowledge any thoughts you have, but do not judge or engage with them. Let them pass by and maintain your focus for as long as you can.

Spending time in the present moment can leave you feeling mentally clear, emotionally calm and physically energized.