Petroglyphs at Cherry Creek

A number of years ago, while roaming a very remote section of desert, far from any trails and heavily protected by Crucifixion Thorn trees and catclaw, I stumbled upon a series of cliff faces covered in petroglyphs. After contacting the University of Arizona and the Tonto National Forest, it was determined that the rock art on these walls was mostly Archaic in style and execution, particularly the deep-cut ones; that would make them at least 2,000 and possibly as much as 6-8,000 years old! I also learned that this site could be an unrecorded site, or a site that was discovered, but with no information (coordinates/photos/etc.)

So we formed a small team and returned to the site to record more photographs and the gps coordinates. This information is now being studied by the archeology experts here in Arizona.

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