Salado Indian Dwellings in Devil’s Chasm, Sierra Ancha Wilderness, Arizona

Devils Chasm is located in the Cherry Creek area of the Sierra Ancha Wilderness in Arizona. It’s a very challenging and beautiful hike with slippery climbs along waterfalls, sketchy footing, unmarked routes and scary exposure in a few places. The final steep climb up a remote canyon leads to spectacularly well preserved Salado Indian ruins perched on a ledge high on the cliff. The dwellings were built between 1280 and 1350.

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  1. Extraordinary images Kev. Really beautiful. Fun to imagine families going about their daily business in those spaces. Life was so much simpler back then…sigh

    • Thanks! Yes, you could totally visualize a very different lifestyle. One thing for sure: they must have been quite fit and not afraid of heights!

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