Grand Canyon – Rim to Rim

The Plan: Hike the South Kaibab trail down to the Colorado River (7.1 miles and 4860 feet of descent), pass through Phantom Ranch and take the North Kaibab Trail to the North Rim, sleeping somewhere between Phantom Ranch and the Cottonwood campground.

Continue on to the top, camp at the North Rim campgrounds and then return via the North Kaibab Trail (15.5 miles each way with 5,770 feet of elevation climbed and descended).

Travel ultralight, taking no cooking gear or tent, and resting where needed.

Well… I made it to the North Rim! But that was all my body could take. I took the shuttle back to the South Rim and slept at the edge of Shoshone Point, enjoying a magnificent sunrise the next morning!

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  1. I never get tired of photos of such a majestic area. Your photos are gorgeous! I look forward to hearing the details about your latest adventure!

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