Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a vast protected area in the Mohave Desert of southern California. It’s characterized by stark desert landscapes and the twisted, bristled Joshua trees. It’s a fantastic place to explore but be aware that there are no sources of water in the park, so back country excursions are limited to the amount you can carry. The night skies at this park are especially striking!

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  1. Well, Keven, you’ve done it again . . . Superb photography of the Joshua Tree National Park!! As this is near my home, we’ve visited there numerous times, and I can surely say you’ve done a fantastic job of capturing and emphasizing, the beauty of this stark, desert landscape.

    (Next time, when you have time and the inclination, let us know you’ll be “in the neighborhood” and can come by our home in Cathedral City.)

  2. Keven, thank you for another extraordinary visual banquet and the opportunity to imagine the delights of exotic travel while we wait out this viral storm.

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