Big Day Bird Count in Ecuador’s Amazon

Amazing time in the northeast corner of Ecuador, documenting professional bird guides and local guides as they conducted a “Big Day” count at Sani Lodge and the surrounding area.
The count was done on Sani territory by foot and canoe. The counting participants were Olger Luicy, Jason Coquinche, Guillermo Gualinga, Tuomas Seimola and Dušan Brinkhuizen.

The team recorded 271 species during the Big Day along a 16 km route through: terrafirme, varzea, oxbow lake, Rio Napo riparian forests, river islands etc. A total of 351 species was recorded in six days.

Great adventure!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! The wide variety of subjects really gives me a feeling of what it was like to be there. It looks and feels amazing! I’m glad it was a rewarding trip for you.

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